Soul Family Affair

Soul Family Affair


Format: CD

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Format: CD
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As the titles suggests, former Second Image vocalist Georgie B’s ‘Soul Family Affair’ album features some of the UKs best known and admired guest singers including Everis, Deborah Bell and Weston Foster (also a former Second Image member). The vibe is very much in the old school British soulful R&B vibe – ‘Secret Love’ is a smooth, mid tempo groover, ‘Soul Family Affair’ has a catchy melody that borrows from Sly Stone, ‘Mystery Girl’ has a great 80s vibe, ‘One For The Money’ has a strong dance groove and features Weston and Everis while ‘Ain’t No Stopping Us’ has shades of Incognito. Other strong highlights include the mid-tempo ‘Don’t Mess With My Love’, the breezy ‘It Doesn’t Really Matter’ and the smooth jazz funk of ‘London City Nights’. Also includes three bonus mixes.

Track listing:

  • 01 My Destiny by Georgie B
  • 02 I Gotta Thing 4U by Georgie B
  • 03 Secret Love by Georgie B
  • 04 Soul Family Affair by Georgie B
  • 05 Mystery Girl by Georgie B
  • 06 One For The Money by Georgie B
  • 07 Ain’t No Stopping Us by Georgie B
  • 08 Slow Dance by Georgie B
  • 09 London City Nights by Georgie B
  • 10 Don’t Mess With My Love by Georgie B
  • 11 I Can’t Wait by Georgie B
  • 12 It Doesn’t Really Matter by Georgie B
  • 13 Soul Family Affair (Like U Know Mix) by Georgie B
  • 14 Secret Love (Live Lounge Mix) by Georgie B
  • 15 Ain’t No Stopping Us (2-Step Mix) by Georgie B


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