Fuse One/Silk

Fuse One/Silk


Format: CD

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Format: CD
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Fuse One were a Jazz Funk supergroup and recorded these two excellent LPs for the CTI label. Band members changed but included the likes of Tom Browne, Stanley Turrentine, Stanley Clarke, George Benson, Ronnie Foster and Eric Gale to name a few. The self-titled set has two standout tunes the brilliant Jazz Funk of ‘Grand Prix’ and ‘Double Steel’. ‘Silk’ is the stronger of the albums, all four tunes are top quality, but the Latin ‘Hot Fire’ and the awesome ‘In Celebration Of The Human Spirit’ are of particular note.

Track listing:

  • 01 Grand Prix by Fuse One
  • 02 Waterside by Fuse One
  • 03 Sunshine Lady by Fuse One
  • 04 To Whom All Things Concern by Fuse One
  • 05 Double Steal by Fuse One
  • 06 Friendship by Fuse One
  • 07 Taxi Blues by Fuse One
  • 08 Silk by Fuse One
  • 09 In Celebration Of The Human Spirit by Fuse One
  • 10 Hot Fire by Fuse One
  • 11 Sunwalk by Fuse One
  • 12 Silk 7″ by Fuse One
  • 13 Ode To A Kuda by Fuse One


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