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For The People 7″ Box Set (Bf Rsd)


Format: 7" Single

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Format: 7" Single
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Number of discs: 5
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Deluxe Ltd Edition featuring Five James Brown production 45’s on the People label, housed in a branded sleeves and a stiff carrying case. Includes The Devils ‘X-Sorcist’, Lyn Collins ‘Think’, JB’s ‘Same beat’,Maceo and Macks ‘Cross the track’ and James Brown ‘Escapism’.

Track listing:

  • 01 X-Sorcist by The Devils
  • 02 Hip Hug Her by The Devils
  • 03 Think(About It) by Lyn Collins
  • 04 Ain’t No Sunshine by Lyn Collins
  • 05 Cross The Track (We Better Go Back) by Maceo & The Macks
  • 06 The Soul Of A Black Man by Maceo & The Macks
  • 07 Same Beat (part 1) by Fred Wesley & The JB’s
  • 08 Same Beat (part 2 & 3) by Fred Wesley & The JB’s
  • 09 Escape ism (part 1) by James Brown
  • 10 Escape ism (part 2 & 3) by James Brown


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