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Do You Feel It-The Real Soul Of Tyrone Davis(jf-sale-sbex)

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Format: CD
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15 classic Tyrone Davis tracks (many on CD for the first time) recorded 1977-85 primarily for Columbia. .Tyrone always excelled on the mid tempo two steppers and included here are his classics ‘In The Mood’, ‘Never Stop Loving You’, ‘Overdue’, ‘Aint Nothing I Can Do’ and ‘I Just Can’t Keep On Going’ and slower ‘Be With Me’ ‘Love Ain’t Over There’, and ‘I’m Still in Love With You’. The modern soul dancers ‘Just My Luck’, ‘I’m Gonna Satisfy You , ‘I Wont Let Go’ and ‘Do You Feel It’ are also quality tracks. Great Timeless Soul from a great soul singer. Essential.

Track listing:

  • 01 Never Stopped Loving You by Tyrone Davis
  • 02 Overdue by Tyrone Davis
  • 03 Ain’t Nothing I Can Do by Tyrone Davis
  • 04 Just My Luck by Tyrone Davis
  • 05 Satisfy You Before I Satisfy Me by Tyrone Davis
  • 06 I Won’t Let Go by Tyrone Davis
  • 07 I Just Can’t Keep Going On by Tyrone Davis
  • 08 Be With Me by Tyrone Davis
  • 09 Leave Well Enough Alone by Tyrone Davis
  • 10 Love (Ain’t Over There) by Tyrone Davis
  • 11 I’m Still In Love With You by Tyrone Davis
  • 12 Playing In The Sand by Tyrone Davis
  • 13 In The Mood by Tyrone Davis
  • 14 Turn Back The Hands Of Time by Tyrone Davis
  • 15 Do You Feel It by Tyrone Davis


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