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Format: CD
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Gato Barbieri’s first foray into Jazz Funk remains his strongest set. The Argentinean sax player never sounded more soulful on Marvin’s ‘I Want You’. Latin tinged funky grooves such as ‘Fiesta’ and ‘Fireflies’ glow brightly. ‘Behind The Rain’ is a wonderfully atmospheric piece – check the bass/ percussion. The moody ‘Los Desperados’ builds slowly to a crescendo, in part due to brilliant orchestrations courtesy of Jay Chattaway. The band that includes Eric Gale, Gary King (awesome bass playing) and Ralph MacDonald are superbly tight and gel perfectly.

Track listing:

  • 01 Fireflies by Gato Barbieri
  • 02 Fiesta by Gato Barbieri
  • 03 Europa by Gato Barbieri
  • 04 Don’t Cry Rochelle by Gato Barbieri
  • 05 Adios – Part I by Gato Barbieri
  • 06 I Want You by Gato Barbieri
  • 07 Behind The Rain by Gato Barbieri
  • 08 Los Desperados by Gato Barbieri
  • 09 Adios – Part II by Gato Barbieri


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