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ten piunds of soul part 1

New releases and pre-orders | 23rd September 2016

New releases It’s a fantastic week for releases possibly the best of the year so far. Soul Togetherness 2016 and Spirit of Philadelphia vol 4 Compilation Cds are in from Expansion records. All pre-orders either shipped yesterday or are being sent today, if you haven’t ordered your copies yet order now for immediate shipping. Ashleigh […]

Ten pounds of 12″ singles | Part 2

Here are another 80 classic Original Soul, Disco, Boogie and Jazz-Funk 12″ singles all at £10 each. We have reduced the price of a few of these to include in the deal. There are some great titles here that every home should have and if you DJ many are fantastic floor fillers. The majority of […]

Collector’s 12″ Singles – New arrivals!

Here are another 40 Original Vinyl 12″ Disco and Boogie and a few Jazz-Funk tracks that have just arrived. There are some classics along with some rarities all records are in great condition as individually graded. We’ve added youtube clips on each item to give you a sample of the tunes – these are not […]

Collector’s rare and in-demand 12″ Singles – 12th September 2016

Check out this list of 30 Rare Collectors Items Original 12″ 80’s Boogie tunes, all in great condition, many still in the shrinkwrap.  There are many titles here that we have not seen before which are extremely rare and we may never see these again, and all are one-off’s, so please order early to avoid […]

Albums of the year – 2015

NEW SOUL| 2015 treated us to some defining moments in soul music with some great new names coming to the fore. The super talented Tahirah Memory (who also provided vocals for Jarrod Lawson) delivered her superb debut set ‘Pride’ that shone a light on her abilities as a singer/songwriter. Diane Shaw brought the late 60s […]


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